watch The Gees in Lincolnshire The following links represent the timeline of the Gee family in Lincolnshire. It commences with the arrival in Deeping St James of Nathaniel Gee (b 1763) in the late 1700s and concludes with the family’s departure during the 1870s.

rencontre de l'aventure deepingstjames-highst-1A The findings are based on the research of Jack Dennis, my research from a wide range of sources and a visit to the area in 2015. All supporting documents and citations can be found on my Ancestry Tree.

rencontres à la campagne rieupeyroux 2012 The links also identify the former homes of the Gee Family. The Gees in Lincolnshire

source Family Tree of William Morgan Gee No 8 Bridge Street 118 Horsegate the saddlers

rencontre avec une femme russe Plough Inn and Harrow Inn

The Bell 1C

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