Kate Kendal, nee Paysden, (1890 – 1975) was my Paternal Grandmother. Kate along with her family and friends would regularly exchange postcards, particularly around the period of the First World War.



j-kendal-1915Her postcards give an insight into life 100 years ago. Some of the cards cover her courtship with her husband to be, Jonathan Kendal and their subsequent separation while he was on active service during the war. She also exchanged cards with her brothers John, George and James who were all at sea.




God-Bless-Husband-BSHK_2005My father saved two of her albums. They were comprised of approximately 300 postcards. To date I have scanned 103 of these and configured them into a simple searchable database, (see below). Clicking on either the “image” or “text” will open a new window. I will progressively add further postcards to the website.


TitleImageBack . Date FromToComment A
Belfast Coopbelfast-coop-aText2 July 1915James PaysdenJohn PaysdenJohn may have been ill. Makes reference to Da Brown?
ConnswaterConnswater-ATextJean PaysdenJames PaysdenJP on HMS Powerful
Drake Drake-ATextMa Brown?James PaysdenJP on HMS Powerful
Few LinesFew-Lines-ATextGPKate PaysdenKate in Stranraer,
Probably from George Paysden
MaurentaniaMaurentania-ATextJohn PaysdenJames PaysdenJP on HMS Powerful. John is having a trip with his father. Garston is near Liverpool Docks
Remember MeRemember-Me-ATextGeorge PaysdenMaryGeorge is in Melbourne, Australia. The xxxx suggests romantic link?
BrooklynBrooklyn-ATextGeorgeKate PaysdenKate at Loch Ryan St Stranraer. From new York. Mentions Harry
Broadside SalvosBroadside-Salvos-AText8 July 1916Sandy BoyKate PaysdenKate in Stranraer
Manchester Town HallManchester-Town-Hall-A-1TextJHKate PaysdenKate at Brookvale House. Is this from Jean Hogg or John Higgins?
Port SoderickPort-Soderick-AText12 July 1913JackKate PaysdenKate at Woodcot Avenue. Is Jack John Paysden. Postmark is IOM
The Bay BangorThe-Bay-Bangor-AText1913George?Kate PaysdenKate at Woodcot Avenue.
Could this be from George Paysden?
SouthamptonSouthampton-ATextHBKate PaysdenKate at Brookvale House
Central Station SydneyCentral-Station-Sydney-AText14 May 1914GeorgeKate PaysdenKate "going with Harry". George thinking of staying in USA. Asks about Mary and Sam Mahood. Mentions Jeanie & Sam, presmably Hogg
Singer New YorkSinger-New-York-ATextGeorgeKate PaysdenIn Jamacia but will write again from NY.
Washington Arch New YorkWashington-Arch-New-York-ATextGeorgeKate PaysdenMentions Sam Mahood, Mary and Harry
Woolworth New YorkWoolworth-New-York-AText1913George PaysdenJames PaysdenJames on HMS Powerful. George left Tenadores, joining SS Byron. Mentions Jeanie and Mouth organ.
Bassaleg VillageBassaleg-Village-ATextJohn PaysdenMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. On SS Kist, Mentions Jasey Poss Jon. Mentions her married, Nancy, Christmas and Jeanie.
Giddy BelfastGiddy-Belfast-AText24 Jan 1916Jonathan KendalKate KendalJonathan on HMS Tiger. Kate heading for Stranraer.
Man on HorsebackMan-on-Horseback-AText1911Jim BrownKate PaysdenKate at Brookvale. From New Jersey. Aks if the boy has proposed yet?
Defending the EmpireDefending-the-Empire-AText21 May 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. Probably from Jonathan Kendal
Birthday WishesBirthday-Wishes-ATextJuneJonathan KendalKate PaysdenKate at Brookvale. Kate had been in Stranraer. Missing her birthday.
Cat out of the BagCat-out-of-the-Bag-AText15 Feb 1911Uncle JP ?Kate PaysdenKate at Brookvale. From Iowa. Unsure of who JP is.
Caught NappingCaught-Napping-AText22 May 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale
Waiting is LonesomeWaiting-is-Lonesome-AText23 May 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. JK will be home soon.
SmileSmile-ATextJack?Kate PaysdenLochryan Plcace Stranraer. Carson Home Rule Sticker.
God Bless HusbandGod-Bless-Husband-ATextKate KendalJonathan KendalWar time, missed another birthday. Bring the war to an end soon.
Tiger Roll of FameTiger-Roll-of-Fame-ATextJonathan KendalKate KendalOn HMS Tiger. Mentions Battle of North Sea / Jutland
Homeward BoundHomeward-Bound-AText18 Feb 1916Sandy KidMrs J KendalKate at 6 Lochryan Street, Stranraer. Edinburgh Postmark. Mentions JK
Pets in BowlPets-in-Bowl-ATextJP Miss E GlenfieldChristmas Card to 17 Glenallen Street, Is JP John Paysden?
Defending Our CoastDefending-Our-Coast-AText5506Jonathan KendalKate PaysdenKate at Brookvale. On HMS Tiger, mentions News in Papers.
A Hand Claspa-hand-clasp-atext1908Hubert PaysdenKate PaysdenKate at Poplar Villas. Hubert back in desert. Postmark is the Curragh
AliceAlice-ATextSarahKate PaysdenKate on holiday in Stranraer. Sarah a friend from Dunvegan St.
Defending Our Coastxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Black EyedBlack-Eyed-ATextJ HallKate PaysdenKate at Brookvale
Come to VisitCome-to-Visit-A-1Text14 FebJonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. Card passed by Censor
DunfermlineDunfermline-ATextJonathan Kendal?Mrs J KendalSounds lonely and down. On Ship
Hands Across The Sea 2Hands-Across-The-Sea-2-AText3 Sep 1914Jonathan KendalKate PaysdenComing up in the next Bucket after the Program?
Hands Across The SeaHands-Across-The-Sea-ATextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalTell me about the Trouble at home
Home Means YouHome-Means-You-ATextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. Signed Sandy Boy
In the ShadeIn-The-Shade-AText5 JulMaryKate PaysdenKate at Brookvale. From Bangor
Inversnaid FallsInversnaid-Falls-AText21 Feb 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. Passed by Censor. Signed Sandy
Join MeJoin-Me-AText2 Aug 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. To: Mrs Sandy Kendal. He has toothache
LadderLadder-AText27 Apr 1909HWPKate PaysdenKate at Poplar Villas, Prob from Cousin Hubert Paysden at Curragh. Hope all well with John improving
Lawk a MusseyLawk-a-Mussey-AText27 JunJean PaysdenKate PaysdenKate at Poplar Villas. Sister asking any word from Father. Aunty? is fine. Jessie?
Little MaryLittle-Mary-AText26 Feb 1906Jean PaysdenKate PaysdenKate at Poplar Villas. Glasgow postmark
Ma CallingMa-Calling-AText21 Feb 1911W.E.Kate PaysdenKate in Stranraer. Belfast Postmark
MilesMiles-AText1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate in Stranraer. Edinburgh postmark. Sending card to Grandma? From Sandy Boy
Months and MonthsMonths-and-Months-AText
My DarlingMy-Darling-AText21 Jan 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. From SK. Quite Safe
Scott MonumentScott-Monument-AText24 Jun 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. Wishes Kate a happy birthday
SpoonSpoon-AText22 Sep 1908Hubert PaysdenKate PaysdenCO David Allen & Co, Litho Dept. Postmark The Curragh. From Cousin
The Harbour PortrushThe-Harbour-Portrush-ATextAug 1910?MGKate PaysdenKate at Brookvale
The River TayThe-River-Tay-ATextKate PaysdenDWFor the sake of days gone by
The TradgedyThe-Tradgedy-AText11 Feb 1911George PaysdenKate PaysdenKate in Stranraer. Remember me to all the girls
Wish I WereWish-I-Were-ATextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. Sends towels and silk. Signed Sandy Boy
Anchors WeighedAnchors-Weighed-ATextJonathan KendalKate PaysdenKate at Brookvale. Mentions papers and wounding of P Steel. From Sandy
Comrades in ArmsComrades-in-Arms-ATextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale.
Comrades in Arms 2Comrades-in-Arms-2-AText1 Jul 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale
Devil DrivesDevil-Drives-ATextTom?Kate PaysdenKate at Poplar Villas. Birthday wishes. Auntie is home by late boat
Liverpool ShellLiverpool-Shell-ATextGeorge Paysden?Kate PaysdenSigned GP. Kate in Stranraer. Regards to old folk, Remember me to "Nan" and all the girls. Lonely. Shell lifts up to reveal Pics etc
Rest ContentRest-Content-AText1914MEKate PaysdenKate at 11 Melrose Ave. From Finner Camp, Ballyshannon. Asks about JK
The CurraghThe-Curragh-AText5 Aug 1909Hubert Paysden?Kate PaysdenProbably cousin. From Curragh Camp. Asks about finger
Tying KnotsTying-Knots-ATextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalA Grand Day. Asks about Finger?
A Love letterTextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. No mail. Thinks mail going adrift over te "Rebellion"
Birthday GreetingsText23 Jun 1914Jean HoggKate PaysdenKate at Woodcot. Happy Birthday from Sister
CharityTextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalLetter to follow
Dreadnought Text12 Apr 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. Remember me to all at home and away.John's hand better
Dreaming Bout YouTextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate in Stranraer. Sending cards to Grandma & Grandda. Mentions SMrs McGargo?
Im LonesomeText22 Dec 1915Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. Sorry no Telegram
Jack TarTextOct 1915Kate PaysdenJames PaysdenJames in RN Hospital Plymouth. Mentions big toe. From Sister
Just Riding Around Text15 Feb 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. What time do the next tax leave? Broody Kate Eh
My Scotch BluebellText8 Mar 1911?Kate PaysdenKate in Stranraer. Romantic Card but who is it from?
QuebecTextGeorge PaysdenKate?George (brother) in Quebec. Remind me to Lillie
The AngelTextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalRomantic Card
Twas GladText30 Mar 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. Thanks her for cards and letters
Bueno AiresText16 SepJohn PaysdenKate PaysdenKate at 44 Belmont Road. From brother on Lord Erne, Argentina. Ostrich feather. Sailing for Rotterdam
Fonf RegretText27 Dec 1912JimKate PaysdenKate at Brookvale. Stewartstown postmark. Is this from brother James or an earlier suitor?
George SquareTextAugJimKate PaysdenKate at 44 Belmont Road. From Glasgow. Who is Jim?
Lest You ForgetTextMr T MatthewsMr T MatthewsAsks about Skindpole Balentine. TM recently married. CO address
Lips Meet LipsTextGeorgeKate PaysdenIs this her brother? Write to Mr Robinson. My hand on your tail?
Memory MessageText1 Apr 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalRemember me to all at home
PortpatrickText23 Feb 1911Kate PaysdenJames PaysdenKate in Stranraer. James in Brookvale. Grandpa is a lot better, Grandma has headache. Dirty wweather
Thinking of You 1Text23 Feb 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. Hope you arrived safe.
Thinking of You 2TextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at brookvale. Sent Sammy?? a card. I shall send Jean one
ThoughtsText10 May 1916Jonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate in Stranraer. I hope your headache is better
TroonText23 Feb 1911John PaysdenKate PaysdenFrom brother in Troon on SS Eveleen. Kate in Stranraer. Regards to Grandma and Grandpa. Weather bad
With Love 1TextKate PaysdenMiss M BellTo Maggie at Skipper Street. Hope your cold better
Best of PalsTextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. Talks about marriage lines, papers, Strandtown and Whitehhall
ClaspText21 Mar 1911Kate PaysdenJack GilchristTo an admirer. Jack at Grosvenor manufacturing Company. Dont be disappointed?
Deep in the RosesTextGeorgeKate PaysdenProbably brother George. From Neath Abbey
FancierText28 Nov 1911Jim BrownKate PaysdenKate at Brookvale. Jim in newport, USA. Asks about the boy and when he is coming over. Remind me to all at home
Golden MomentsTextBillyKate PaysdenInvites Kate, Xmas night
Happy ChristmasText24 Dec 1909HubertKate PaysdenKate at brookvale. From cousin Hubert in Kent. Arrived home safe
Heart to heartTextAug 1911Jack GilchristKate PaysdenKate at McCaw Stevenson Orr. Still romance 5 months later
Lily of the ValleyTextGeorgeKate PaysdenProb brother George in Quebec. Asks about sister Jean, Sam and Lily?
Lizzie CassonTextLizzie CassonKate PaysdenKate at Poplar Villas. Will be at school on Sunday then Knock Cemetery
Safe ReturnTextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalKate at Brookvale. Sent Photographs. Kate has been ill. Mentions a wedding
Sleeping BeautyText13 FebMinaKate PaysdenKate in Stranraer. From old Chum. Say you don't care.
ThistleText14 Aug 1912JimKate PaysdenKate at 43 Belmont Road. From Jim in Govan. mentions Kate's ususal good form. Regards to the "Fat Yin"
Thoughts fromTextJonathan KendalMrs J KendalReassure her that he is safe. Sends regards to folks at home
TrainText30 OctJohn PaysdenKate PaysdenKate in Stranraer. Belfast postman. John's foot better and starting work. Regards to Grandpa and Grandma
VioletsText29 Feb 1912HoKate PaysdenKate at 40 Cluan Place
World to GiveTextJohn PaysdenKate PaysdenKate was at Woodcote but overwritten with Stranraer address. Asks about Harry and the rest