I have undertaken family history research and prepared family trees for many people. Researching their ancestors and ancestry took various forms and covered a wide geographical area including Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, USA and Australia.

Below are some examples of what they said about me and Research Ancestors Ireland

Previous Genealogy Projects

Noel McCann, Fermanagh:

Noel & Patrick 2014

Noel & Patrick 2014

I wanted to trace my long lost Aunt Angela who disappeared from the family home in Fermanagh in the 1940s. With the help of Sam and the Child Migrants Trust, I was united with her son, Patrick, my 70 year old cousin. Patrick was an orphan and sent to Australia as part of a child migrant scheme. Meeting Patrick was a very emotional and fulfilling experience. The hunt for what became of Angela continues.

Ed McGinty, Georgia, USA: 

Ed McGinty meets Big Eamon

Ed McGinty meets Big Eamon

My grandfather left Ireland for America in 1909. Sam developed my family tree and organised a tour of the Tawnawully area of County Donegal where my great grandparents and great, great grandparents lived. The family was reunited when Sam introduced to me to Big Eamon from Garvagh (my first cousin once removed). Eamon and I bonded immediately and spent our time together laughing and exchanging family tales. It was a very moving event.

Sandra Hamlet, Queensland, Australia:

For many years I tried to find out how my Grandmother and Aunt died in Liverpool during the 1950s. I sought Sam’s help and he discovered the truth behind a very sad chapter in my family history.

Maryan Virginia Schuler (Ginger), USA: 

An old family bible stated my Great Grandfather, William Henry Potter was born 1865 in Birkenhead, England. Stories past down within my family told of how he stowed away on a transatlantic ship and landed in Delaware. For years I tried to find my family roots in England but with no joy. However, Sam tracked down my family history and revealed that William Henry’s father was lost at sea in 1874. My Great Grandfather was then placed in the Seaman’s Orphanage from where he absconded and subsequently made his journey to North America. Sam also put me in touch with my third cousin in Australia.

Doreen Whittaker & Dee Reilly, Cheshire:

The Dixons chat to local historians in Coniston

The Dixons chat to a local historian in Coniston

Sam organised a weekend gathering of our family in the Lake District. We stayed in a self-catering property, which was once the home of our ancestors, the Dixons, in the 1700s. During the weekend we attended the family church in Coniston and visited several family homes including Spoon Hall where the Dixons lived from 1600 to 1900. Sam also set up meetings with local historians.

 Mairead McCann, Belfast:

Research Ancestors Ireland undertook extensive and high quality research on our family tree. Communication throughout the process was of the highest order. With Sam’s help, my daughter and I were able to write a book about my late father-in-law’s war time record and experiences. Sam’s research was used to help us secure the awarding of a posthumous Artic Star. Sam has also produced bespoke family tree wall charts and calendars. These make ideal presents.

Colleen Maguire, Pennsylvania:

In 2013, Twenty six members of my extended family toured Ireland. Prior to our arrival Sam researched our family tree including the immigration in 1800s and 1900s of family members from Donegal to Pennsylvania. When we arrived in Donegal Sam gave a presentation about the local area and our own McGinty family history. He then took us on a tour of former family and ancestral homes in Tawnawilly where my great and great, great grandparents once lived. We photographed the houses and took small stones from each of the buildings as mementoes of our visit.

The McGintys find their Great, Great Grandfather's home

The McGintys find their Great, Great Grandfather’s home

Brian Magill, Belfast:

Sam and I have been engaged in researching my family history and developing my family tree over the past 18 months. He has encouraged me to take ownership of the project. Throughout that time Sam has guided me through the process. He is resourceful and continues to surprise me with his discoveries. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam.

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