This is the first episode of a mini-series.

(Eat your heart out Sheldon Cooper)

EMcG & KM in Belfast

Ed & Kathleen McGinty in Belfast

Ed McGinty from GEORGIA STATE and his wife Kathleen, visited Ireland in 2015. The above photograph was taken on my patio in Belfast. Ed recognised the Stars and Stripes but not the other flag. Do you know? Answer below.

Ed McGinty at his great, Great Grandfather former home, Tawnawilly

Ed McGinty at his Great, Great Grandfather’s  former home, Tawnawilly

We had great craic and visited Donegal to discover the former home of Ed’s Great, Great Grandfather (Connell McGinty) in Corracramph, Townawilly. We climbed fences, negotiated marshy ground and jumped streams to discover Connell’s former home.

Ed’s grandfather left Ireland for the States in 1909. Kathleen (nee McGuigan) left Ireland in 1968. They met at a regular dance organised by the Irish community in Philadelphia. Kathleen, an innocent Irish colleen, spotted Ed across the dance floor. Her friend immediately predicted she would marry him. Kathleen’s account of their meeting reminded me of stories concerning the Galtymore. For countless thousands of Irish emigrants to London the Galtymore in Cricklewood, London was more than just a dance-hall.  It was a home from home, a piece of Ireland where each weekend they could meet Irish friends from all over London, hear the music from the Irish country and showband scene. The following video seems appropriate. Enjoy

Answer: It’s the Georgia State flag Ed!!

Next episode: Australian Michael Darth Vader O’Sullivan & Maureen visit Belfast